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Types of pearls

Pearls known locally as (gemash ) and different estimate pearls and thus the value of the cash considerations depending on the size and weight, color, form and these things require some expertise and practice in buying and selling, and Allale unusually large volume traded Baluahdh Baldanh is known, and there was no way to estimate the chars worth where valuation differs from one person to another.

Types of pearls

If we types of pearls in terms of quality we can distinguish the following types:



The types of pearls from the highest rank advantage of it's color White net, thin side and contains a portion of the water is in form is a full circle and free from defects


The ranked second in terms of quality, the advantage is clear white color, which differs somewhat from Aljeon as the only color that distinguishes them from Aljeon.


In form it is not fully restricted circle of any "say", as they say locally-analogy when the Moon in the second and thirteenth of the month Astdarth not completed yet.
The degree of purity of color less than yucca are usually imbued with a certain degree of blue and red.

And can distinguish two types including Premium jacket, a second degree which is lower quality than Alcoloi because tend to inoculation, and vary in size, while small and the large and irregular form.


And one of the few types of pearls ranked low value often used for the treatment of certain diseases after grinding is similar in size faces in the sand and sometimes fairly large presence of all types of Macedonia.


Similar in size beads of soft sand  and comes in ranked immediately after Albuqh .



The lowest quality of the species prior to the many disadvantages are usually sold wholesale and at relatively low.

Types of pearls


Besides these species there is another type can be added a black pearls had extracted small quantities, and the former is not renowned circulation to the people of the Gulf and cash worth a few, but now it is high monetary value and quantities extracted from many beaches in the Western United States and especially to the coast California, with a strong dark color. There is also another type of pearls and is usually glued directly closer Bamaharh called "Alinkv or Alnagaf or Almkhcr" The few quality However, in many cases there are good kinds of no less quality than previous items after the dismissal and Tkwerh and refined by professional and skilled traders.



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