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Pearl seasons

Not all times in the days of the year is the season for fishing, especially in the days of winter diving is difficult for divers and sailors generally, and that there is diving in the winter when the Coast rather than a deep-sea diving and some seasons are as follows:  

The great diving

Diving is the main graduation which all ships and sailors it up to several thousand and the number of ships to the presence of several hundred, all in one place on the image of a fleet of ships that go out together, and his is the start of the 1 / 5 until the end of the ninth month is especially shellfish and bivalves in this the Mtcathera stage.

Alradah Diving 
This begins after any big dive in the beginning of the month of October and will last for a full month.

Alrdidh Diving

And beginning with the start of the eleventh month and one full month a diving last season.

Qahh Diving

 It is a short period in an area known locally as Emirates (Qahh) This phase comes before the summer, which is divided equally among the crew changes



It should be noted that diving season usually begins at a time when the Gulf waters tend to warmth, and will last for more than four months, almost even entering the winter season. However, the real date of commencement season ends or dive was different from year to year, especially if it enters the month of Ramadan in early season diving or heat, in this case delayed ships go to sea until the end of this holy month, and the trips often extends from last May until late September and during this long period back some ships to the port mother once or twice again, but a short time to provide some things that might be needed Divers during their visits, and many ships were free on the coasts of the island of Delmas, where available water drinking.

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